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In the world of hair fashion there are possibilities to showcase your individual style. One delightful and versatile tool that adds a touch of creativity, to your hair is washi tape.

This adhesive tape, with its colors and patterns offers fun and inventive ways to create unique and eye-catching hairstyles.

In this guide we will explore twelve methods for incorporating tape into your hairstyle ranging from subtle accents to bold and statement making looks.

1. Washi Tape Hair Wraps

Jazzing Up Your Braids and Ponytails: One of the charming ways to incorporate tape into your hairstyle is by creating hair wraps.

Take a moment to choose a color or pattern that complements your outfit or matches your mood then wrap a section of your hair with the selected tape.

This technique works beautifully with braids and ponytails instantly adding a burst of color and flair to elevate your look.

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2. Washi Tape Hair Accessories

Crafting Cute Hairpins and Barrettes: For a touch of uniqueness why not design your own personalized hair accessories using washi tape?

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Embellish plain hairpins, barrettes or headbands, with tape that perfectly matches your style or suits a special occasion. This simple yet cost effective method allows you to enhance your appearance effortlessly.

3. Washi Tape Hairbands

Fun DIY Headbands for Any Occasion: Looking to add some flair to your outfits, why not try making your stylish and customizable headbands using tape?

Whether its, for a party a workout session or just a casual day out these headbands are a way to showcase your personality.

4. Washi Tape Hair Highlights

Temporary Color Accents: If you’re looking for a vibrant hair color option consider trying out tape highlights. Simply select some strips of tape cut them into thin pieces and gently apply them to your hair.

When you’re ready, for a change or the event is over they can be easily removed without any hassle.

5. Washi Tape Hair Stencils

Create Unique Designs: For those who love getting creative with their hairstyles why not experiment with using tape as stencils. Create designs by placing the tape on areas of your hair and then applying temporary hair color spray or chalk.

Once you remove the tape you’ll reveal an eye catching design that’s sure to grab attention wherever you go.

6. Washi Tape Hair Braids

Colorful and Patterned Braids: Looking to add some charm to your braids? To achieve a fun and eye catching effect try placing pieces of tape at intervals, along your braids.

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7. Washi Tape Hair Bun Holders

Secure and Decorate Your Updo: Updos can be elegant and stylish. You can take them to the level by using washi tape. Create a bun holder with the tape that not keeps your updo in place but also adds a touch of creativity.

8. Washi Tape Hair Tips

Colorful Dip Dye Effect: If you want an vibrant dip dye effect consider using tape on the tips of your hair.

Simply apply the tape where you want the color to start then use hair color sprays or chalks to add a burst of flair to your ends.

9. Washi Tape Hair Veil

Subtle Touch of Elegance: Craft an elegant look by using tape to create a delicate hair veil. This is perfect, for occasions as it adds charm and whimsy to your appearance.

10. Washi Tape Hair Twists

Twisted with Style: Give twists a twist! Use tape to add pops of color and patterns to your hair creating a stylish look. These ideas will help you experiment with tape in ways while adding charm and creativity to your hairstyles.

11. Washi Tape Hair Beads

A Colorful Alternative to Beads: Add a twist to your braids or twists by using washi tape as DIY hair beads. Simply roll the tape into bead shapes.

Thread them onto your hair, they’re easy to create and replace and come in a range of colors and patterns.

12. Washi Tape Headpiece

Crafting an Exquisite Headpiece: If you’re feeling particularly creative you can craft a headpiece using tape.

Intertwine the tape with wire to fashion a crown or headband that perfectly complements your hairstyle resulting in an accessory.

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13. Washi Tape Hair Collage

Transform Your Hair into an Art Piece: For an attention grabbing hairstyle consider designing a washi tape hair collage. Choose patterns and colors of tape cut them into decorative shapes and arrange them creatively on your hair to create an artistic collage.

This allows you to turn your hair into a canvas expressing your artist while making a distinctive statement, with your hairstyle.

It’s a way to turn your hair into a work of art, for an occasion or just to showcase your creativity on a daily basis.


Washi tape offers more than arts and crafts, it’s a tool that adds a playful and colorful touch to your hairstyle. Whether you want to try hair wraps highlights, DIY accessories or headpieces the possibilities are endless.

So go ahead let your creativity flow and explore these 13 ways to incorporate tape into your hairstyle. You’ll be amazed, by the unique looks you can achieve while expressing your style. Enjoy the process. Let your imagination soar.

By James Goins

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