A very famous quote was said by Matt Hranek “Every time I wear that watch I feel connected to him. Watches have the power to do that I think”.  From that, we can tell the power and class that a watch brings to one’s life. And, it is also true for a luxury watch.

Owning a luxury watch can be a dream come true moment for many watch lovers. It defines the person’s class or social status too. But, a luxury watch is very costly and many could not afford it. So, they tend to go for a pre-owned option to fulfill their dream. And, that is why the market for pre-owned watches is increasing very fast. But, is it worth it? If you are still unsure about it, we are here to expose the reality of owning a pre-owned luxury watch. Ok, let’s dive into it.


The first thing that comes to any pre-owned watch lover’s mind is the authenticity of the watch. There are many fake pre-owned watches available in the market. So real buyers sometimes face a lot of confusion. So, if one wants to buy a pre-owned one, he needs to first ensure the authenticity of the watch. So, how to test it? Here, we will give you some tips about it.

  • Always try to buy from renowned authorized dealers who sell used luxury watches.
  • Seek professional help from horologists at the time of buying.
  • Check the previous buying paper or bill of the watch.
  • Take legal paper from the dealer too.

Condition and Wear:

It is a harsh reality that preowned watches are old ones. So, there is every possibility that it can have wear and tear. Though pre-owned watches are always preserved with great care, but time can have an impact on the condition of the watch. So, when you want to source those watches, please check all the parts of the watch like the case or bracelet, strap, buckle, dial, backside, front side, etc.

Besides this, sometimes watch dealers color the full or some damaged area of the watch and try to fix the damaged parts too. In most cases, they look new and lucrative. So, do not get fooled by it. Scratches are very common for preowned watches. It shows the watch’s allure and uniqueness. So, if you do not see any scratches in the watch, try to avoid it. Moreover, if you see signs of water damage or rust, avoid it too.

Potential for rarity and uniqueness:

Condition and Wear

Pre-owned watches can be very rare and unique. Brand-new watches are widely available and anybody can buy them. But, pre-owned ones are not that available. There are limited editions or discontinued models of pre-owned watches also available. In that case, the price will be very high or price less. Ex-vintage Rolex or a rare Patek Philippe can be found as a pre-owned option. Mainly collectors or museum owners collect it. They are not for common people.

Possibility of limited warranty coverage:

Usually, a general pre-owned watch does not come with a warranty. But, it is not true for the pre-owned luxury watch. They can come with a warranty. But, this is not a brand warranty. Sometimes, reputable sellers and dealers give this type of warranty and it has limited warranty coverage. So,  it is essential to review the terms and conditions very closely.

There is another case that sometimes the first buyer sells a luxury watch after 2-3 months of use. In that case, you can get the remaining warranty on the watch.

You need to know that pre-owned ones are old and may need regular maintenance.  And, the servicing cost can be high too. So, it is very important to buy from a seller who gives a warranty.

Depreciation and Value Retention:

Value Retention

This scenario is two-faced. There are always two possibilities for pre-owned luxury watches. Depending on the watch model and its age, the depreciation can happen or not. It is not rocket science to understand it.

If you buy a common and recently owned luxury watch, depreciation is a must. The value will go down gradually.

And, if you buy a very old or limited edition pre-owned one, the value will go high like a rocket.

So, it is very important to research before making any decision about buying pre-owned watches.

Insurance and Protection:

Insurance is a must for a high-value pre-owned watch. As it is a very lucrative item and surrounding people always take a look at the piece you wear, anything can happen. So, It should be insured to protect against theft, loss, or damage.

And, please research deeply when choosing an insurance partner. Read their terms and conditions, recent reviews, and reputation. And, always give insurance premiums regularly to avoid any discomfort.

Owning a pre-owned luxury watch is very rewarding and lucrative. It gives you the feel of real craftsmanship and advances your class and social status. But, It is important to be aware of the potential challenges of it. No worries. Here we already discuss all the scenarios of the pre-owned watch. So, have a good time.

By Annie Reaves

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